Saturday, 2 October 2010

Looking the part

I recently ordered some new business cards from and today they arrived! I am so pleased with them, they're great quality and I think they look really professional. 6 different pictures of my soaps are on the backs of them which is also a good way of showing off my different designs.

It was around £10 for 50 cards, so more expensive than vistaprint but the quality is better.

This week the little tins for the lip balms, here's a photo to show the sizes of the tins and the little pots.

The available flavours are strawberry, mint and chocolate. I have to say my favourite is chocolate, it smells so yummy! Prices are: Lil pot £1 Big pot £1.90

I've had lots of emails and queries this week asking for quotes on larger orders. I've got one order for 15 cookies! 1 wholesale order which was done through folksy. A lady holds craft fairs I think, or has a little shop and wanted a variety of 50 soaps - that'll keep me busy. I'm going to do gingerbread men, sheepm cupcakes and lollys I think! I also had an email on ebay from a lovely lady who runs a Girl Guides group and wanted to know how much it'd be for 100 lolly soaps. The Girl Guides are having a big party for all the groups in the country and she wanted a nice gift to go in the goodie bags! Hopefully that order will go ahead.

ALSO, a very cute shop in the city called Cherry Cherry got back to me after I'd emailed them about my soaps and wants me to go in to the shop in a few weeks with some samples! I am SO excited, it would be amazing to have my soaps on sale in a shop!!!

Lastly, I've put together a few packages for some youtubers who make videos reviewing beauty products. Hopefully they'll like my soaps and say kind things about them and that'll spread the word via the youtube community!!

That's it for now - oh no it isn't.. The Clutter City craft fair people sent me an email saying I was unsuccessful this time, but I'm not too gutted as there was very limitted availability and they're holding another one in Dec which I should hopefully get a stall for!
AND I've just been told about another xmas craft fair at the US Army Base near me called the Yuletide Bazaar which apparantly would be perfect for my soaps! I've sent an email applying for a place, fingers crossed I get accepted!

So, lots of things happening here and keeping me busy! X


  1. Oh wow! Your business cards look fab! Aren't great. It sounds like exciting times are ahead for you, so pleased for you! x x x

  2. moo do AMAZING prints, a while back I got a set for free and I loved them.

  3. Your site is so cute and your soaps look lovely! So cute and Lush-Esque :) Nice name too xxx