Thursday, 25 November 2010

Organised Chaos!

Look how untidy my soap room is
at the moment....

Pretty messy huh? It's because I have had A LOT of orders since I re opened my site on Monday and I've been a busy bee trying to get everything done! The big white tub you can see on the right is the soap base! I scoop that out with an ice cream scoop, melt it then add colour and fragrances!
On the left at the very front of the photo is the freezer with the microwave on top! Two very important parts of soap making!! The bin is overflowing.. The table is covered in melted soap splats, fragrance bottles.. junk. I need to tidy this place up this weekend!!

I've got lots of parcels to send off tomorrow! Note how I strategically placed a soap in front of the address on the card..! I love wrapped the parcels up and putting the stickers on.. Is that a bit sad of me? The people in the post office recognise me now and always sniff the parcels!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back in business!

A week or so ago I decided to close my website for a while as I wasn't feeling very well and had a lot of orders to catch up on. I'm feeling much better now so re opened it last night and have had 3 orders already!
Whilst the website was closed I have made two new soapies!

I absolutely love these! They turned out better than I expected. These are mini slices of cake with lovely piped icing detail. I haven't measured them but I think they're around 2" long and 1" wide. My Mum dug out some old china for me to take photos of them with, I like they look cute cute cute! I'll be selling 2 of these in a pack for £3.00.

Here are some pretty little snowflakes! They are the perfect size for hand soaps and you'll get 4 in a pack for £3.00. The detail on them is fab and
I'll be doing them in fresh fragrances only e.g clean cotton or peppermint. This is to keep the white bright and also if snow had a smell I imagine it'd b fresh and crisp!
I think these will be great to have in your guest bathroom or even on display as little xmas decorations dotted around the house!

I'm busy preparing for my stall at the Clutter City Christmas Market in Norwich which is on the 4th of Dec. I hope lots of people come along and buy my soapies! I'm really enjoying getting the xmas soaps sorted, I've got red and green ribbon and little bells to tie the bags with!

So take a look at my site Sophie's Soap and see if there is anything that takes your fancy. I think any of my soaps would make great stocking fillers!