Friday, 8 October 2010

Halloween and Christmas time & a suprise for me!

This afternoon I was in my soap room taking some photos of my soaps when my Dad answered the door to a delivery man... I was expecting a parcel but not so soon.. I came downstairs to find a massive box from a lovely lady called Janet who has given up soap making and wanted to get rod of all her stuff... well I jumped at the chance to get hold of some more materials and we came to an arragement where I send her £20 a fortnight until I've paid the full amount of £200. Well, I've only sent her a few payments so far and I emailed her asking if it would be possible to send the colourants asap as I'm getting low on mine.. She sent me LOADS of stuff, not just the colourants! This is so nice of her and very trusting,bless her. It was like Christmas for me.. there were gorgeous handmade papers, bags, cello bags, shrink wrap, gift bags, boxes of all shapes and sizes, baskets, over 50 fragrance oils, essential oils, colourants, glitters, tissue paper... so much stuff!! You can see all the voils and pretty tissue papers on my stairs, the tubs on the floor are full of colours and fragrances and the box was full to the brim of goodies!

She said she's got two more boxes of stuff to send me too!! So exciting!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Taverham Garden centre which has a massive craft shop, to look for anything that might come in handy with my soap making. We found lots of great things, he was very generous and bought me a couple of goodies too! I got a few cupcake boxes which are used in bakeries to put 4 cupcakes in.. the outside of the box has a really adorable cupcake print over.. That will be great to put the soaps in and sell at craft fairs. I also got some little trifle dishes to put a few mini soaps in with tissue paper as a set.. Some accetate boxes, some big tin buckets which I'm going to make a lovely set with using flannels and soaps in time for xmas... Oh and some really cute ribbons which were only 99p each for 4 metres!

I got some orange ribbon to use with the halloween soaps...
This lovely little set of two ghosties and pumpkin is £3. I think it's really cute.. I don't know how popular they'll be as the UK doesn't really "celebrate" halloween in the way the States do but I have had quite a lot of interest in these.

This little fella is only around 1" in size but I thought he was so cute I'd add him in with the pumpkin soaps.

Onto the Christmas soaps... I made these for the first time last night and was really pleased with how they turned out. I'm going to experiment with the snowman by adding colours to his eyes and hat etc.. I love his carrot nose!

The reindeer is so adorable too.. I'm a bit gutted his nose isn't very clear so will do a brighter red next time! Rudolf is fragranced with Brown Sugar and Fig which is a lot fresher than it sounds... And the snowman is peppermint! Priced these guys at £2.25 each... is that too cheap? I'm scared to over charge!

Here's the Christmas gang together... Gingie is £3 as he's a lot thicker than the other two. I think these will be very popular nearer xmas!

I've had 3 orders today which I will crack on with tomorrow and hopefully get sent out on Monday. I've also got those samples to make for the Cherry Cherry shop on Tuesday which I'd blummin' forgot about!


  1. Lovely stuff, and don't be worrying about over-charging :)

    Could you possibly do a post about how you got into soap-making, and how you do it? I'm really interested :) xx

  2. That's a good idea actually! I think I'll do a blog post about that tomorrow :) xxxx

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and yay I can't wait to see that post! :) xx