Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Youtube Video Review + seasonal soaps

I am so excited - today the lovely Jess sent me an email to say she'd posted her video reviewing my soaps! I watched it straight away and was so touched by her kind words about everything, it made me feel so chuffed! I showed me parents too and they thought it was great to see things I've made in someone elses hands saying how great they are! She included all the info about them being SLS free and kept saying how lovely they smelt.

You can watch the video here

Kelsey and Sarah are also going to be posting video reviews of my soaps soon - can't wait to see them!!

Today I found some pumpkin muffin moulds and thought they'd be great for soaps! I've made one so far, here's a pic
I'm making some little ghost ones for halloween too.
Also, I've got a snow man and reindeer soap setting atm..will see how they turn out tomorrow!!


  1. Aw the pumpkin is cute - will you be trying out some Christmas-sy ones too?xx

  2. I will indeed, I made some yesterday and was so pleased with how they turned out.. now about to do a blog about them :) xx