Sunday, 17 October 2010


As you may have read in one of my previous blogs, I've been making some samples to take into a shop in the city called Cherry Cherry. A few weeks ago the owner asked me to go in on the 12th with some samples to see if she liked them. I put together around 15 samples, all packaged nicely and carried them in a lovely big basket. My Mum and I went up the city and I was so nervous, had a few wobbly moments on the way there but managed not to cry! When we walked round the corner I found out the shop was shut!! I couldn't believe it! There was a sign on the door saying there had been a till malfunction and would re open tomorrow. I was so gutted and thought that this must be a bad omen and a sign that my soaps weren't good enough for the shop.

When I got home I sent the owner a message asking when they were definitely going to be open again and she told me to pop in Thursday (two days later)

So once again, Mum and I went up the city and this time Cherry Cherry was open! I was so incredibly nervousmy knees were literally knocking together and I found it hard to speak and was so self concious. There were a few customers in the shop, the owner Katy was behind the till and another member of staff was near by too. My Mum browsed round the shop whilst I introduced myself and my soaps! The first thing Katy and the other lady said was how good they smelt!! She loved everything, except the Halloween ones as she said she wouldn't be selling anything Halloween related. They both sniffed everything and said how lovely everything was. She's placed an order for all of the cupcakes, chocolate bars, crayons and cookies! She only wants 3 of each to start off with to see how things go, but fingers crossed they'll sell well and she'll want more. She said the xmas ones would be great nearer the time, and everything would make really good stocking fillers!
So I've now got to make the soaps for her and take them in at the end of this week and then Sophie's Soap will be on sale in a real shop, in a VERY trendy part of Norwich City! I cannot express how happy and proud I am of myself. I have no qualifications at all as I left school very early due to ill health, and now my health is still preventing me from working, but my soaps are my job now!

Cherry Cherry is a seriously cool little boutique shop that sells kitchy handmade items from etsy and folksy, so it's the perfect place for my soaps! They also have a website, go check it out and you'll see what kind of stuff they have on sale there!

To celebrate me and my Mum went for a hot chocolate in Cafe Rouge!

Apart from making Cherry Cherry's soaps I've been busy making whole sale orders and other orders from folksy today. Very busy. I now have a freezer in my soap room which is brilliant as it speeds the process up loads!! I have got some black and white lino flooring that needs to be laid when my Dad has the time.

I ordered some postcards last night to hand out to people and have at craft fairs, I'll upoad a pic of them when they arrive.


  1. Yay Sophie! This is fantastic news! Well done you x. I bet your Mum is really really proud of you achieving this whilst coping with your anxieties. Just think if you can do this when you're not a 100% I wonder what you will achieve when you are a 100%! The sky's the limit! I'm so very pleased for you :o) Well done lovely x x x