Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shop Samples

I have been very busy today making orders and lots of samples for the shop Cherry Cherry which is in Norwich. It's a very cute shop which sells products made by people on Etsy and Folksy. I've been asked to pop in on Tuesday with some samples and hopefully the owner will like my soaps and agree to sell them in her shop!
I haven't taken any photos yet but the ones I've made to take in are the cookies, choc bar, flat backed cupcake, pumpkins, bakery style cupcake, rose cupcake, mini cupcakes, ice lollies, crown, skull, crayons, the bakewell type cupcake and gingerbread man.. So quite a few!! Fingers crossed things go well.

Kelsey's review video is up on youtube now so go check that out, she's very sweet and I love her descriptions of the scents! You can watch the video HERE

I've also been making a few videos for my youtube channel.. I was really shy at first and felt silly talking to the camera but I'm slowly getting more confident. Go have a look at the videos to see little old me and my soaps, it's easier to judge the sizes of them on video rather than on a photo.
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Tomorrow I'm picking up a freezer from my boyfriend's work which I desperately need for my soap room. Before I had my own little room to make the soaps in I made them downstairs and used our freezer to speed up the setting process... So now I'm going to have one in my room is fantastic as I can make more soaps quicker!

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