Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I've recently gotten quite into watching videos on youutube, and not just cute animal videos, but review and haul videos!

I decided to make a channel and give it a go... I'm still shy and getting comfortable talking to the camera, but go take a look at some of my soap related videos here

If there is anything you'd like me to talk about RE soap then let me know an I'll do a video about it! I'm going to do a fragrance description one soon, and also one showing how well the soaps lather...

I am extremely busy at the moment, I'm getting orders every day and have lots to make!


  1. I love all of the girly videos on Youtube too - I'll definitely subscribe to you :) x

  2. sophie! you are way to perfect it makes me jealous!! xx

  3. Becki!! Don't be silly, I am far from perfect!! I have to build myself up before I turn the camera on, I get so shy!!xxx

  4. well you look really good on the camera! do you really? you dont look shy or nervous! id be stuttering all over the place! at least if you mess up you can start again! xxx