Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cute extras

A lovely friend of mine is rather talented when it comes to drawing and she had drawn some very cute graphics for my soaps! I think they are ADORABLE and very suitable, what do you think?

I'm going to put them on my facebook page, my website and maybe print them out and pop them in with each order?

During the week my boyfriend's friend's Mum asked for some of my soaps to take as samples to a Beauty Show where all the salons go to check out the newest products. I made about 15 of the different sized cupcakes in yummy fragrances. The feedback was great, apparently everyone loved them, infact one of her friends who owns a big company that distributes products to all the salons took the soaps with her and now has them on display in her shop!! If the customers like them she is going to order a load! So that is very promising and exciting!
I've applied for a stall at a local craft fair called Clutter City. It's not like a normal craft fair, it's for people who make unique and cute things! I think it'd be the perfect place to sell my soaps, I really hope I get accepted! I should find out this week, fingers crossed!!

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