Thursday, 2 September 2010

Busy Bee!

I've been making soaps since the minute I woke up today, until now..midnight! I'd been waiting for my soap base to arrive and today it came.. all 20 kilos of it! The tub is so heavy my Dad had to carry it through to the kitchen for me!

I had to make 30 mini cupcakes style #4 to be used as wedding favours for a wedding this Saturday, the lady is picking them up tomorrow so they had to be done by tonight! She wanted a variety of colours and scents so I chose some of my favourites like Chocolate Cake, Brown Sugar & Fig and Angel Food Cake!

This is the finished result! 30 cupcakes wrapped and ready to go!

I also made a new soap today.. a gingerbread man one! He's very cute and nice size, around 4". I only added the different colour to his tie and buttons but could add colour to his eyes I think in future. I'll price this soap at £3.

I also got some willy and boobie moulds in the post today to make some samples for a shop called Sin sins. One of the willy moulds is huge..I didn't realise it would be so big..and detailed! I'm not keen on it but I'll see what the shop owner says. There are some littler ones which are about 2.5" big and they're much nicer.

My website will be going live soon, at the moment it's just redirecting you to my folksy store. I'm working on the site every day and want to make sure it looks good and has all the important bits before I launch it online!

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