Saturday, 18 September 2010

A few new things..

I thought I'd start this post off with some of the new soaps I've been making.
This is the flat back cupcake soap, which is 3" tall and as it's flat backed it's nice and easy to use.

The photo doesn't really show how big it is.. I need to take one next to a 10p as a size comparison. I really like it, I think it'll sell well as it's cute but practical, where as some of the cupcake soaps as they're so pretty some people have said they don't want to actually use them but just have them on display!

I have got new packaging for the cookie and doughnut soaps-tin tie bags like the ones you would get from the supermarket! I'm really pleased with how they look. I've also got little stickers of cupcakes which say "Please don't eat me" to put on the foodie soaps, just incase!

The lady I was making the willy and boobie soaps for, who worked in the shop Sin Sins, got the sack so that was a bit of a waste of time.. But I have had interest from other people in them so they might sell...

Had quite a few orders this week, large orders too - not just one item. So that's kept me busy. I've also been asked to make a load of samples for a lady to take to a fashion/beauty roadshow to show to some salons who might be interested in them! Better get cracking with that soon!

I've also applied for a stall at a craft fair which is happening on the 30th of October in Norwich. It's called Clutter City and is for crafters who make kitschy,cute items - so perfect for my soaps! Hopefully I'll get accepted :)

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