Sunday, 29 August 2010

Foodie Soaps

I thought I'd share with you my newest creations... These soaps are of the foodie kind and look so realistic!

First up we have the chocolate bar soap... it's more of a mini bar-it's the size of one of those small milkybar bars so about 2.5" long. I've decided to do two in a pack for £2.50. I thought I got the colour spot on and they've been fragranced with "chocolate cake" which is delicious!!

Next up are the choc chip cookies.. Believe me when I say they look just like the real thing, I am so pleased with how these turned out! First of all I have to make the little chocolate chips then I add them to the cookie base.. These ones were also fragranced with "chocolate cake". Other chocolatie fragrances I have are Belgian Chocolate, Hot Cocoa and White Chocolate Caramel -one of my favs!! Prices for these are 3 for £3.75 or 5 for £5.

Then there's the large iced doughnut! This one is a beauty, he's 4" across and over 1" thick so pretty chunky! It weighs 150g. I add the sprinkles first and then add a little of the icing to stick them in place then add the rest..wait for that to set then it's time for the base. For this one I made the icing "Sugared Strawberries" fragranced and the bottom is "Vanilla Bean" so bloody yummy! I've priced this one at £4.50 - one of my most expensive soaps - basically because it uses so much soap. I recently done a plug on my facebook page for the first
person to comment gets this for £4.50 but FREE postage. Within a few minutes that had been sold!

I also made these cute Princess Crown soaps recently... They've proven very popular on my facebook page too. They're about 2" in size so perfect for little Princesses hands! The detail is fantastic. I'm going to be getting some flannels soon with "Princess" embroidered on and put them with 2 soaps as a gift set.

I've had an order for 30 cupcakes as wedding favours (the style #4 ones) which need to be made by Friday so I'll get cracking with those tomorrow!

I've got some naughty soaps in the pipeline too... willies, boobies and bums! A friend of mine works in a store called Sin Sins (you can guess what kind of shop that is..) and is looking for soaps and shower gels and has asked me to do a few samples for her to show to her boss. Even if that isn't successful I can still sell them for hen and stag parties I'm sure!


  1. *waves* Hello!!! Your blog is looking lovely Sophie! Looking forward to reading more. Well done x :o)

  2. Oooh nice. I didn't know about the possible deal with Sin Sins. What a great idea! Good luck!