Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Let's start at the very beginning

I've set up this blog to talk about and show you my soapie goodies!

I've only been making soaps for a short while now, so am still learning - it's a bit trial and error at first! I thought I'd try making some cupcake soaps a
s I have an obsession with them (I even have a tattoo of a cupcake!) Also, cupcakes are all the rage at the moment, walk in any high street store and I guarantee you will find something cupcake related! The first cupcake soaps I made were
quite plain and simple, as you can see.

Once I'd learnt how to make the right consistency of soap and gathered a few more materials I started making more elaborate cupcakes like this

I then ventured on to other cute things, like mini ice lollies, pirate skulls and pastries.
I get most of my orders through ebay and the most popular ones are the mini cupcakes style #4. I've made several for people to have as their wedding favours which I think is fantastic and such a cute idea! And at only £2 for they're an affordable option for wedding favours as we all know how expensive weddings are these days! I've also had to make some as presents for gift bags at little girls birthday parties! One lady wanted me to make her 12 of ice lollies for her 8 year olds party. When she received them she sent me a lovely email with really positive feedback, I was so touched!

As of today I now own www.sophiessoap.co.uk !!! Check it out.. for now it will re direct you to my folksy store, which I think is very clever and much easier than telling people the full folksy address. My friend Mark, who is a computer and internet whiz sorted that for me as I'm not very clued up on html! My other half is in the process of making me a website too which is exciting.

Coming soon...

I've recently ordered some more materials from the states and am waiting for them to arrive... I'll then be able to make chocolate bar soap, large iced doughnuts, princess crowns and chocolate chip cookies! So excited!!

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